Koko perheen tähtihetkiin 5-vuoden takuulla – NYT vain 8990 € +tk.

Alk. 9 990,00 € + tk. *

* Sivuillamme esitetyt mallit saattavat poiketa maahantuotavista myyntimalleista.

Legendary Performance

  • PRO-RIDE Chassis

    PRO-RIDE Chassis

    The INDY LXT is built on the PRO-RIDE chassis that is 300% stiffer for precise, intuitive handling. The ideal choice for a nimble handling sled that is fun to ride.

  • Coil-Over Rear Suspension

    Coil-Over Rear Suspension

    Designed for better flotation and deep snow performance with improved on-trail ride. By eliminating the torsion springs and redesigning the torque arms, the skid weighs substantially less.

Proven Value

  • 550 Fan Engine

    550 Fan Engine

    The proven, durable, fan-cooled 550 snowmobile engine provides reliable performance at a great value.

  • CVTech PowerBloc50 / Invance Clutching

    CVTech PowerBloc50 / Invance Clutching

    All INDY models that feature the 550 Fan Engine use the CVTech PowerBloc50 drive clutch paired with the Invance driven clutch. This clutching delivers smooth engagement, enhanced low-speed drivability and quieter operation. These durable clutches have a maintenance-free design and are easy to tune while installed on the sled.

  • Electric Start

    Electric Start

    Start your sled with the turn of a key. Nothing beats the ease and convenience of electric start.

Simply Fun

  • Lighter Weight

    Lighter Weight

    The INDY LXT is 75 lbs. lighter with the PRO-RIDE chassis.

  • Cargo Rack and Seat

    Cargo Rack and Seat

    Whether you are riding 2-up with a passenger or solo, enjoy the convenience of the large cargo area - which can accommodate a 5 gallon pail. The INDY LXT features a fixed backrest and passenger hand grips for added comfort and security.

  • Handlebar and Steering Post Angle

    Handlebar and Steering Post Angle

    The INDY LXT design has a 15 degree flatter steering post angle developed for sit-down and standup riding comfort and flexibility.